About Lucifer

Important introduction: This text is about Lucifer the roman God bringer of Light, not Lucifer the stolen by christianity character that became an evil fallen angel. Wiccans DO NOT BELIEVE IN SATAN/DEVIL/WHATEVER BECAUSE WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN CHRISTIANITY OR ANY OF ITS MYTHS. Thanks!


The sun lion

The same way people hate when they are left by someone else, the same way a woman becomes a “whore” and a “bitch” when she leaves a man, the same way she becomes a “home wrecker”, a “witch”, a “viper” for seducing a man “out of his family”, the same way that man is a “monster” for not loving his wife anymore, the same way sons and daughters are “ungrateful” and “awful” for leaving the nest, even if all those are following their dreams, that same way Lucifer became the “devil”, the “all foul”, the “root of all evil”, everything that is wrong and bad and mean in the world.
People say and spread what they consider love and hope and beauty, messages such like:
“Be free!”
“Follow your dreams!”
“Do whatever it takes to follow the love of your life”
“No matter what be happy!”.

But not if you leave!
Not if you do something I don’t like!
Not if it’s in the way of MY happiness!
Not if I consider that wrong.
Not if society deems it unadviseable!

Lucifer is freedom, enlightment, ultimate love, euphoria, he drives you to happiness
no matter what
he pulls you to love, always, forever,
he shines his light everywhere, in all people, on all the tiniest little dark corners, reveals all, everything
no censorship, no excuses, no barriers.

His love,
His light,
His truth, are unstoppable.

And people HATE that.
They hate you left to follow your dreams,
they hate that they can’t own you anymore,
they hate to lose control over you,
they hate that you love someone else more,
they hate that you want something else harder,
they hate to see the truth,
they hate that there’s nothing they can do about it,
they hate to find out things about themselves or others that they don’t like,
they hate to leave their confort, their illusions, their perfect, safe, confy illusions.

Lucifer is ruthless, unstoppable, He is driven by your love, your happiness, your enlightment, He will do everything it takes to move you, see all, feel all, take all in,
ultimate freedom
ultimate love
ultimate truth,
unstoppable, unending.


Lucifers symbol
It also came to me that the phrase

“I am the way, the truth and the life”

supposedly said by Jesus actually came from Lucifer, it’s the best description for him and as many thing were stolen by christianity so was this.

Willow Arkta Mens, Yule 2014


The morning star