About Me


Me and my husband in our first handfasting

Hi! My pagan name is Willow Arkta Mens and I live in the center of The Netherlands, I was born in the south of Brazil but my entire family came from the south of Uruguay. A genuine melting pot! :D
I am a Wiccan Priestess and I have been studying the Craft for over 14 years now. I passed the Dianic Tradition of Brazil (TDB) and with a lot of love and friendship I left it to follow my own path as a solitary witch. I live in Lelystad with my dutch husband, Daniël, my sweet adorable corman shepherd Brynnan and our 2 crazed norwegian forest cats: Jack and Odie.
I grew up with my parents in Porto Alegre, Brazil and going every summer as a child to visit the rest of my family in Las Piedras, Uruguay. I was always tought by my father to follow my instincts and listen to my intuition, I remembered songs I heard when I was in my mother’s womb and saw all kinds of spirits of human, Gods and animals. It was horrid, I didn’t know what to do and was terribly afraid all the time until I tought myself to fight them back (even when they were not fighting, I was afraid) and protect myself and control my dreams.

I graduated in History in a catholic university on my city (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul) because I won a scholarship there. As I was on my last semester I realized I wasn’t meant to be a teacher and as the field I was interested in (Japanese Contemporary History, fashion mostly) did not have any support, expert or even a professor that could guide me or judge my paper, I also did not complete the requirements for researcher.

At this moment since my husband works from 10am to 8pm I am the only one in charge of the house and pets, which is a pretty heavy work on its own. I also own an tsy store that you can and should visit! It’s called Itty Beady Land. I make Hama Beads accessories and will soon sell other random things in a Bazaar part of the shop I am planning to make.

I love comics to death, I collect them, and I am an all around nerd: I love watching series, reading books, watching anime playing table top games and studying. I also happen to love Lolita fashion and japanese fashion in general. Like, mad love.


You can reach me at anaclara@mostertman.org or you can subscribe to my RSS Feed and get all my updates as they come by clicking on it on the left column. I hope you enjoy the website and share as much as you like and learn as much as you can! <3