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I love Death

I love it, this connection I have
I feel death and I’m not afraid.
I’m afraid of seeing the emty shells, they’re not them anymore, they’re not the people, they’re just a creepy carcass, an object that I don’t like how it looks.
But death, even if the person is there, dieing. I’m ok, I know they will be so much better.
So much better off,
I think I envy them.
I know I do, a lot.
No probems, no responsabilities, no more heartache or social entanglement, or not knowing what to do.
They will be happy, in peace, resting…
They will be full again. What we once were, when we were one with Her, when there was no boundries, no limits, no barriers; They are all of it now. ALL.
I wish that that comes to them as quick as possible so they don’t have to deal with the pain or the annoyance of people or the social awkwardness.
Like a breath of freash air after holding your breath under water.
Full and whole. That’s what they will be.
So I love Death.
She is so gentle, so nice. Even if somebody dies in an awful way, at least then it’ll be done and you’ll be happy and in peace and full again.
She provides the way, if you want to come back and be disturbed and disturb others it’s your own choice, but I know you can choose peace and fullfilment. And that must feel so amazing, to be with Her and in Her again.
So I love death, because once you’re there you can teach and guide people if you want, and you can also just rest and wait until you come back again.
She is so gentle and so kind, she is so loving, Mother Death.
People think “What about people that weren’t supposed to die, that had a family, that were happy?”………..
Come on people. There are no coincidences, no accidents in death.
She is the only one that can make you whole and peacefull no matter what.
No one can escape her embrace.
She is the kindest Mother, she will hug you and all will be well again. All will be as it should be and if other decide to bring problems and complications to themselves, you can even still help them, if you really want to.
But for you it’s loving time. In a timeless embrace with mom again. Warm and calm and when it’s time, you can come back and enjoy all over again.
Isn’t she endlessly generous?
I don’t fear death. I think it’s sweet. Hurting is painful, watching decay is hurtfull, the shells are scary, but Death?
Death is love again.