Bright Bride

This song came to me as January was nearly ending… It was very confusing because I had to make sense of the many similar random words that continued popping on my head in a hammering in a metronome rythm…. ta ta tadada ta ta tadada ta ta tadada tadadadaaa
At first I just kept repeating the melody over and over and over it was driving me crazy. Finally the lyrics started ordering themselves, I admit I had to write all the different words down so I could see them and order them, because it was all so similar sounding it took me a while. I let go of the song for a while because it was really driving me crazy, I would sing the melody all day long repeatedly. Later I was afraid I had lost the connexion and that so the song wouldn’t turn out as it HAD to be but as I wanted it to be, which is not my intention. But as I sing it the words jump into place and I have it done. So now that it’s all in order here it is:

Bright Bride

Bright Bride – a Brighid’s song for Imbolcg

Bright bride, Brihgid shine
Shine bright, Brighid rise
Rise high, Brighid’s pride
Bride of the fire!

Shine bright Brighid’s eye
Shine with all your might
Bright light cleans your sight
Sight of the firghter!

Kind, bright, Brighid’s sign
Guide us, cross of light
Light bright all our lives
Highest desire!

Sing, write, Brighid fly
Fly and bless our minds
Might our blessed minds
Shine always brighter!

(Repeats endlessly)

Willow Arkta Mens, January 2015

Patricia Ariel - Imbolc_brigid