WHO WANTS MY 4TH ZINE? #babyzinesters #Zine #witchzine This zine is not for the faint of heart or the rare conservative witch, this is sassy, real, raw and teenage spirited! This is only a one sheet zine, and the first one, so I’m only beginning, but it will deal with the following subjects: #SexEd #Witchcraft #Empowerment #Beauty #Feminism PM me and I will send it to you free of charge! ;*

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You’ve got to love how even the flowers adhere to the autumn colours on this season; it’s beautiful how nature all works in synchrony, it truly is a symphony. Each plant, each animal doing its part to create a beautiful, beautiful image. We should appreciate it everyday, because it’s a temporary beauty that comes to remind us how beautiful life can be! #natureprovides #MyWitchAesthetic #awitchslife

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Things I have learnt from the Divine when I am in depression: When we come from the Western world and into a different religion that is not Abrahanic ( Christian, Jewish, Islamic…) it is quite difficult to leave the stereotypes that we know about religion and what the Divine is supposed to be and look like. What if the Divine is not there waiting for our questions and prayers and requirements? What if the Divine does not take any wishlists and instead we are the ones supposed to go to it and connect with it if we want, or leave it if we don’t, and that’s it. Maybe there is nobody listening unless we get up and go to it. The questions are more important than the answers in the search for our truth. #WiccanPath #PaganPath #awitchslife #MyWitchAesthetic

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Irish, Scottish and Welsh folklore identified mushrooms as the presence of fairies… In the Irish mythology they where also known as the Sidhe; several scholars subscribe to the theory that they were the Old Gods, shrunken into folkloric creatures. If it is so, that would mean that mushrooms are a sign of the Divine… and what do mushrooms require to appear? An abundance of water in the air and soil. Water is Her Blood. The Goddess IS water. #natureprovides #awitchslife #MyWitchAesthetic

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By the way… I got really into making zines lately, and I’m planning on making a Wiccan zine with the same name of my little website, so if you would like to receive it, free of charge, please let me know. Still deciding on the format, so that might not be what it’ll look like. ALSO, IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST AND YOU’D LIKE TO COLLAB, I would LOVE to use your artwork on my zine! I can’t offer anything but crediting and divulging your work through my zine, though, just to be clear. However, I will be sending it to different countries! :o ;) #awitchslife #TheSingingWillow #zinemaking #zine #MyWitchAesthetic

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Nothing is more fae than mushrooms! ♡ ————-☆————- I’ve always had a very strong connection to the mold fairies… it’s certainly not practical and can be very irritating, but I’ve accepted that as a part of my life as a witch who embraces and loves death and decay. There is a beauty in them that not many can see… #Fairies #Mushrooms #awitchslife #MyWitchAesthetic

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Spending time in nature can be, for anyone that suffers with anxiety or depression like me, the best medication ever! Sometimes it doesn’t, but a lot of times, when you only have the blues or something is bothering you, or something is agitated within your core, yet you don’t know quite what it is… just seek a pond, seek a source of water with some grass around, and some trees and that is all you’re going to need to feel better! #natureprovides #awitchslife #MyWitchAesthetic

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