I don’t consider myself a Bard, but songs have been coming to me as something from a distant memory I can’t quite grasp…. since I was little. It never stopped, it just developed as I came into the Craft in a way that I could hear them better and understand why and where they were coming from. Maybe that’s exactly the reason why I don’t identify myself as a Bard, I don’t really make them, I don’t plan or write or work on them as a Bard would. In any way, I birth them somehow, so these are those songs. Most of them are not at all written by me, but given to me by Her, by Him. Some of them I received a melody and then I wrote the words that seemed to fit the best. Some I still feel that are not exact in what they were supposed to be, and so I keep working on them.

Some are in english and some are in portuguese because those are the languages I speak most, maybe one day a spanish one or a dutch one will come…. it’s all up to Her.

It’s also very important and valid to mention that this website is all focused on Wicca and Goddess religion and therefore the songs posted here are almost always repetitive or monotone in a way exactly because they are meant as ritual songs, to cause transe or a meditative state and/or to exalt and cause a rise in energy for the ritual cone. They are not pop hits or radio music, they are strictly for religious purposes.

Although I haven’t written most of them, I still ask you that if you copy the song, post it somewhere or sing it in a group, to please mention my pagan name. Because I might not be the “author” in the strict sense but I did birth them as my own. So I would appreciate if you could credit them. And if you could, mention this website, because they will keep on coming! :)

Blessed Be!