Arthemis (Epiteths)

This song came so very strong to me all ready all done, it was one of the most divine experiences I ever had, certainly the strongest conexion to Arthemis. I was studying about all her different faces and names and this hit me, so strong, and I couldn’t do anything but write it down and share it. The founder and Elder of the Dianic Tradition of Brazil told me they used it for a menarch ritual and that filled me with so much pride and joy I couldnt even fit it in myself!  Not because they sang my song. Because they heard and sang Her song. That was all I ever wanted. I share it with you and I hope you use it as much as you can, its a very invocative song, but I think it’s mostly to serve as a background ritual song or as a mantra to connect with Her. I would also sing it in a circle as an invocation. I’m sorry for the abrupt ending of the file. I am really no professional at recording! :P


Arhtemis (6x)
Potnia Theron
Brauronia Arthemis (6x)

Arthemis (6x)
Orthia Arthemis (6x)

Willow Arkta Mens, September 2011

Artemis 1